The EconHP Holding GmbH presents EconCore NV, the technology leader for cost efficient lightweight materials from Leuven and ThermHex Waben GmbH, the production location for polypropylene (PP) honeycomb cores in Halle/Saale:



Unsere innovativen Technologien ermöglichen durch ihr hohes Kosteneinsparpotential neue Produktentwicklungen mit Wabenkernmaterialien für viele Industriezweige.



Let's build the future of honeycomb sandwich material together!



The future of thermoplastic honeycomb production starts here!

Primitive Time – Ancient World

Long before mankind began to create structures, buildings and machines, the sandwich concept and the honeycomb structure was developed by nature.

Many other examples can be found in the skeleton of organisms, in leafs of plants as well as in the wings of birds.

Material structures of plants – 500 – 100 mil. years ago

Section of an iris leaf

Skeletal structures of birds – 150 – 50 mil. years ago

Section of a bird wing

Skeletal structures of mammals – 100 – 10 mil. years ago

Section of a human skull

Natural honeycomb of honeybees – about 50 mil. years ago

The honeybee comb is an optimal material efficient construction because it is build via two physical minimisation phenomenas:
1. hexagonal closest packed cylinders and
2. minimal surface energy.

The hexagonal comb of the honeybee has been admired and wondered about from ancient times on.