EconHP Holding GmbH is main shareholder of EconCore NV, the technology leader for cost efficient sandwich materials.
EconHP brings back the honeycomb technology to it’s origin in Halle/Saale. Today’s commonly used procedure for producing honeycomb materials through expanding glued layers of paper was originally developed 110 years ago for decorative applications by the stationeries factory Papierwarenfabrik Heilbrun & Pinner based in Halle (Saale). A view to the history shows that understanding efficient construction with minimal raw material and minimal weight has been an important element in many technical developments. Sandwich construction and honeycomb structures fascinated and excited scientists and engineers at all times. Today our innovative production technologies enable via substantial cost savings new product developments with honeycomb core materials for many industrial branches.

EconCore NV

EconCore provides innovative technologies for cost efficient production of sandwich panels and parts with honeycomb core and supports customers and licensees in their application development.
These new continuous production processes for cost effective honeycombs were developed in the context of European research projects since 1998 in eight years of development work at the Belgian university K. U. Leuven. Since December 2005 EconCore NV optimizes the development results, protected by worldwide granted international patents, for different material combinations and mareket segments and builds up industrial production lines together with partners and licensees. Within the scope of licensing EconCore offers development services for sandwich panels and products with honeycomb cores and supports the installation of production sites of licensees, joint venture companies and EconCore subsidiaries.

ThermHex Waben GmbH

Mid 2009 the ThermHex Waben GmbH was founded in Halle/Saale as a 100% daughter company of EconCore NV.
This EconCore production location uses the patented ThermHex technology to produce thermoplastic honeycombs from polypropylene to be processed with thermoset resin systems for the composite industry.
The ThermHex Waben GmbH produces honeycomb cores in the unique continuous production process and links thus to the history of innovative honeycomb technologies from Halle/Saale in Germany.